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About the types of adult Aikido classes…

Adults – Beginner: We cover a specific curriculum in these classes. The material is a subset of the larger Aikido curriculum, and is everything new students need to learn up through their 6th and 5th kyu tests. This includes more than just the techniques required for the first two tests; It includes basic exercises, paired exercises, rolling and falling skills, and more. While the classes are designed to be exactly what we feel beginners need, any adult student may attend the beginner classes as the material covered can be practiced at a variety of skill and experience levels.

Adults: The material covered will be selected by the instructor. (Generally exclusive of the material covered in the beginner’s classes.)

Adults – Open: In this class, the students individually select material to practice and students of all abilities are invited to attend. This enables students preparing for tests to spend time on specific things, for students to ask questions, or to explore new areas. The class is NOT a free-form discussion nor “class by committee.” (For example: One student could be working on weapons kata, while a pair of students run through a particular test’s techniques, while another pair is exploring various finishes from Sankyo.)

Saturdays: All ages train together. “Weapons” means anything and everything related to tanto, bokken and jo; “Defense against…”, basic attacks, kata, paired practice, etc.