Nov 14: News and Events

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FRONT DOOR BROCHURES UPDATED: There’s a new box on the front door with some additional information; Print-outs of the current class schedule, and information on the kids/adults programs are now in the ‘take info’ box. Please grab a copy if you know someone who is interested.

Upcoming Events
Dec – Aikido testing
Dec 21/22 – TENTATIVE weekend for Winter seminar

LV Dojo Current Class Schedule
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 6:30p-7:30 kids, 6:30-8:30 adults
Friday: 6:00p-7:30 adults
Saturday: 9:00a-10:00 kids, 9:00-11:00 adults


The LV dojo communicates announcements several ways:

The larger Kinokawa community also has: